Darwaza ... A Model of Successful Investment


Darwaza Company has been involved in real estate investment and general trading since its establishment in 02/07/2007. Darwaza City 1 was the first project of our company, which included 300 villas of varying types (200, 220, 400, 500, 700) m2, built over an area exceeding 172,000 m2, located in Awbara (Parezga) street. The delivery of a successful model in housing with the highest standards of finishing and construction was well recognized by the customer’s satisfaction and appreciation. This added great value to the project units despite the devastating decline of real-estate value in Kurdistan.

We decided to build Darwaza City 2 project with 21 apartments (13 floors) constructed over 132,000 m2. The apartments of this project were built-up with various types (130, 162, 202, 280, 320, 400, 600) m2, as well as many different build-ups of Penthouses, located right across Darwaza City 1. Currently over 80% of the project is completed and work in the project is in progress and is expected to be completed within the set deadline.

In the light of success in Darwaza City 1, which is now fully inhabited as well as Darwaza city 2, which is currently in the final selling process. In response to accommodating the demands of our prospective clients, we started Darwaza City 3 project, which is the expanding of Darwaza City 2 covering 7,000 m2, composed of 8 apartments (20 floors) and 2 apartments (13 floors). The apartment types are (162, 200, 280) m2. The main gate of both projects is located next to Sulaimani Governorate Building on Sulaimani - Kirkuk main-road, which is the most accessible part of the city. Thus, we can say that Darwaza Projects could be entitled (The Easiest Address in Sulaimani).

Darwaza Boutique exemplifies our latest business model, introducing the top Italian and International brands in fashion to Kurdistan and Iraq, in which we started through opening our first branch in Majidi Mall-Sulaimani as the biggest Multi-brand boutique in the largest Shopping mall all over Kurdistan and Iraq.