Quality Ensured

Constructing and accommodating our units with top notch building products and design technologies.

  • Tunnel Shuttering System to cast more than half of the building walls in concrete, a leading technology in construction that provides the optimum structural strength.
  • Two layers of Reinforcement Steel instead of Bar Reinforced Concrete (BRC) to reinforce the Tunnel Shuttered Walls.
  • (UPVC) windows with Two Layers of 5mm Tempered Glass and a 10mm airgap.
  • The Best type of Turkish made (AC4) Wooden Floor Laminate.
  • Decorated Ceilings using German made KNAUF Gypsum Panels.
  • Interior lighting system equipped with LED.
  • The Best type of Electrical Wires and Cables using Turkish brand (HES).
  • Turkish made Entrance Doors featured with Safe Technology with a thickness of 8cm, layered with laminated wood finishing, that provides the optimum safety and design integrity.
  • Best Types of Wooden Doors with Magnetic Key Locks.
  • Two  Elevators Manufactured by (VOLKSLIFT) spacious enough for moving furniture in each building, equipped with the latest means of comfort and safety.
  • Two Fire-Escape Staircases in each Building.
  • Three Layers of Sound and Heat Insulation:
  1. PONZA Masonry Unit
  2. Interior Finishing with KNAUF gypsum boards.
  3. Exterior Finishing with best types of Turkish made Astro-pole with a thickness of 4.3 cm.
  • Silent Sanitary Piping System.
  • The Best type of Sanitary Ware using SIPHONIC Technology, manufactured by (EAGO).
  • Balcony Handrails designed with Steel and 10mm Tempered Glass to ensure the maximum safety and provide the optimum outdoor scenery.